Erice, February 2017

A new trans-Mediterranean collaboration for Alplurale, this time with Spain and Turkey, to blow the starting whistle for the “SPIIS – Sport, Inclusion and Interculturality in Society” project, co-financed by the European Union under the Sport action within the Erasmus Plus Programme. 

In Murcia, there has been held the kickoff meeting where we were wonderfully welcomed by Antonio, Andrés, David and Lourdes of the UCAM, Universidad Católica San Antonio. During these very intense workdays, we have had the opportunity to extend the knowledge of each other as well as to plan new collaborations while structuring the process for the assessment of a survey about inclusion of second immigrant generations through sport. UCAM, Alplurale and Sorged - Sorgun Youth Association – will conduct a survey, each organisation in its own territory, while identifying and building together a common criterion to support through sport, social inclusion besides integration of immigrants. 

Sport is meant as an important instrument for social inclusion, integration into the society and respect for the other. This important collaboration triggers engagements aiming to make integration part of a modern culture not seeing the other as something strange and different but instead as an enriching element for a wider social engagement especially if keeping in mind the European dimension of the project. 


Next meeting in Sicily in April.

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